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3 White Hat Link Building Techniques That Go Far Beyond Links

I’m not ashamed to admit it. I used black hat methods because they worked. It worked really, really well.

I always wanted to go white hat, I just didn’t have the manpower to scale. I was able to deliver the results that 40+ clients required.

In 2014, everything changed when Google removed the hammer from private blog networks. My entire link strategy went out the window and I had to adapt. Fast.

Manual outreach. Online PR. Relationship building. I worked 20 hours per day to grow hack these well-known White Hat link building techniques.

In my efforts, I found 2 things:

It takes a lot of work to do white hat SEO. There is no shortcut.

White-hat SEO is a good idea. Really, really well.

I am going to share 3 white-hat link strategies that I discovered during my research.

These strategies can be applied to any SEO campaign. They work, I swear.

Really, REALLY well!

1. Blog commenting is more powerful than you think

That’s right — the original link spam!

Or, is it?

Matt Cutt stated that blog comment links were fine in a Google Webmaster Q&A forum. In fact, it’s a practice he uses himself.

Blog comments are a great way to promote content, diversify anchor text and build out a natural link profile.

But it becomes a bad practice when you outsource, Nomer Siji automate, comment on spammy sites and jam keywords where your name should be.

Take, for example:

Here’s how to do it right…

Step #1: How to find quality blogs

It starts with finding a high quality blog that’s relevant to yours (or the site you plan to link to).

These are links to blog comments I have created from blogs I regularly read and other sites I find via my Twitter feed.

If you’re looking for topical niche blogs, use Google blog search + advanced search operators.

For example, let’s say I wanted promote content for an eCommerce shoe store. The following search operators would I enter in Google:

summer fashion trends “comment”

Summer shoe trends “submit comment”.

summer sneaker trends “leave comment”

Summer sneaker trends “leave no reply”

This command tells Google to find blogs based on your keyword containing the word “comment” in the page. This will bring back results of pages that have comments enabled on the page.

You can then check the Ahrefs rank for each of these blogs to identify which of them are worth your time.

Step 2: How to get your comment approved

99.99% of quality blogs will send comments to a moderator before going live.

Since you’ll be dropping a link, it’s important to comment the right way.

Name field – put your name there, not your target keyword! This spam tactic will get your comment denied every time.

Email field — Any valid email address (real or fake) will work.

Website field — I generally leave this blank. Since you’re leaving a link in the body of the comment, it shows the author you’re not trying to spam their blog.

Comment field — Pick one point from the post that’s relevant to your link and expand on it.

Let’s look at a recent comment I made to a blog.

A few weeks ago I read a great post by fellow marketer Robbie Richards.

It was so good that I left the following comment (it is long but it’s worth reading)

The comment caught Robbie’s attention — he ended up Tweeting the link I left later that day:

I was able to land a comment link from a blog with high authority and additional social exposure. It’s not bad for a blog comment.

But wait, there’s more!

A few weeks later, I got the following Tweet from Robbie:

A simple comment can set off a chain reaction that will lead to valuable events.

Robbie’s blog comment link

Blog comment: Traffic to my website

Social media sharing of my content

My site has seen an increase in social followers, shares, and traffic

A contextual link in Robbie’s round up post

Traffic from Robbie’s post

The post also includes top marketing professionals mentioning the value of personal brand exposure

Not bad for a simple blog comment!

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