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Conor McGregor speaks after freak leg injury in loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264

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This will be the third contest between McGregor and 온라인카지노 Poir

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The main event fight between  and Dustin Poirier at  concluded in shocking fashion, with McGregor suffering what appeared to be a freak broken leg after rolling over his ankle in the dying seconds of the first ro

It was a round McGregor conclusively lost, after being outstruck on the feet and wrestled to the ground after an unsuccessful submission atte

An injury to Conor McGregor’s leg

— ESPN MMAESPN MMA (@espnmma)

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“This is not over,” said McGregor, in a post fight interview with Joe Rogan. ‘If I have to take this outside with him, it’s on outside. I don’t give a bollocks

/p>Dana White stated that McGregor would be going into surgery tomorrow on Sunday to deal with the leg injury. He said that a title fight with current UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira was most likely next for Poirier, but believes that a fourth fight between McGregor and Poirier will happen at some point in the future, when McGregor has recovered from the surger

/p>Audie Attar, McGregor’s long time manager recently said McGregor underwent a

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“Both doctors are confident that with time he will make a full recovery,” he said in a statement. “We anticipate his return to the Oc

br>”McGregor himself posted a video message on social media soon aft


Onwards and upwards we go ☘️ — Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA)

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“Feeling tremendous,” said McGregor. “Six weeks on crutches and we bu

br>ck!”Find our blow by blow account of each f

below.Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregoraption”>The stakes are high for Conor McGregor in this trilogy fight against Dust


Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

/figure>It’s here. The big one. The stakes for this fight seem incredibly high for McGregor, but they always do. Every single fight.

As I mentioned above, it’s almost impossible to call this fight. I’m picking McGregor because he appeared to be winning the last fight until he wasn’t. But honestly, it could go the exact same way as the last

br>.  Got the butterflies for this one.

br>go. Round 1

br>ng> Man this is intense. McGregor looks amped, the opposite of relaxed, which is when he does his best work. Let’s see how this p

br>ut. McGregor coming out leg kick heavy. The fight is being fought at a furious pace. Poirier somehow clips McGregor and takes it to the ground after McGregor attempts a guillotine choke. After a barrage of ground and pound the fight goes back to the feet and after an exchange McGregor rolls


BRO — Sean Ross Sapp of (@SeanRossSapp)

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And it looks as though he’s broken his ankle? The doctor calls it. The fig

br>over. Wow. What a stra

br>ding. McGregor is furious. He’s screaming “Doctor’s


A frustrating end for — UFC_AUSNZ (@UFC_AUSNZ)

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Regardless of the result, McGregor was losing this fight comprehensively. It was called a doctor’s stoppage in the end. Afterwards, Joe Rogan conducted an interview with McGregor as he was getting his leg attended to. He claimed this was “not over”. But realistically, it’s hard to tell when McGregor will be back — if he’ll be back. Poirier made reference to karma playing a part here, given how low McGregor stooped in

lead up. 

“I hope this guy gets home safe to his beautiful family.”

Despite the animosity, wished Conor McGregor well after their fight 💎 — ESPN MMA (@espnmma)

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There was a real poisonous atmosphere to this whole scene. Reminded me a lot of the Khabib vs. McGregor fight. Left a bad tas

br>my mouth. Dustin Poirier wins via doctor’s stopp

/em> Gilbert Burns vs. Stephen Thompson +00:00″>I’m really looking forward to this one. Stephen Thompson is maybe the best technical striker the UFC has even seen, Gilbert Burns is a jiu-jitsu specialist with hammers for hands. The winner of this fight will almost certainly get a title shot at some poin

br>he future. I’m picking Thompson here. He’s one of the most difficult, unique fighters on the roster and he’s outclassed almost everyone he’s faced

br>e Octagon. br>an’t wait.

br>1 Can’t blog anymore did a drinking game where I take a shot every time Joe Rogan says “karate styl

br> I’m dead. Burns appears to be trying to take this to the ground, which is smart, but Thompson has great takedown defence. A lot of the early part of this round is taking place on the fence. Not really great for

br>r fighter. And of course the

br>is booing. But wow — surprise — Burns got it to the ground. This could steal him the round and make Thompson a little more hesitant to through his wo

br>ass kicks. Wonderboy eventually gets back to his feet, but a strong round

br>urns here. CNET scores it 10-


br>2 A frantic 2nd round fought on a hair trigger. Really tough one to score. Thompson appeared to control the fight on the feet, but Burns snagged a takedown in the last thirty seconds, which could have stolen him the round. Hard to say. I think Thompson, but who knows.

CNET scores it 10-9 f


br>3 Good start for Thompson, with a stinging straig

br>r the top. Whoa… Thompson clips him with a SWEET wheel kick that almost knocks Burns off his feet. Unreal. Thought we might get a finish, but Burns appears to recover. Now he’s got Thompson to the mat. Can Thompson get back to his feet? He’s running out of time here and Burns has got side control now. This looks b

br> Thompson. CNET scores it 10-9 for Burns and 29-28 for Bur

br>rall. Official decision: Gilbert Burns defeats Stephen Thompson by decision (29-28 on all three scorecar

/em> Tai Tuivasa vs. Greg Hardy +00:00″>Oh man, nothing like a heavyweight slobberknocker. Tai Tuivasa, is famous for his victory shoeys (a shoey is when you drink beer out of a stranger’s shoe, after the stranger has spat in it — yes, I know, gross). Greg Hardy is notorious as an ex-NFL player with a . Many are divided on whether he should be fighting in t

br> at all.  This fight should be absolute chaos. Tuivasa is explosive and loose and fun to watch, I’m picking him to get

br>e tonight.

br>1 Holy shit, Tai Tuivasa comes out to the Spice Girls. This is the best entrance I’ve ever seen in my life. Please win Tai.

br>gging you. Wow. What a wild minute of fighting. Tuivasa comes out chopping the legs. Hardy hits back with a thunderous shot and PROPERLY wobbles Tuivasa, but as Hardy comes in to finish he gets utterly melted by a counter left hook. Unbelievable scenes. Tuivasa climbs up to the cage and goes straight for the shoey babyyyyyyy! Amazing. What a fight as l

as it lasted.

Tai Tuivasa (-125) knocks out Greg Hardy — Barstool Sportsbook (@BSSportsbook)

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Tai Tuivasa wins va KO in the first

d Irene Aldana vs. Yana Kunitskaya class=”caption”>Aldana

out victorious.

Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

caption>This is a big fight for the women’s bantamweight division, between two of its top contenders. Interestingly, Aldana is coming off a bad weight miss, hitting the scale at 139.5 pounds, when she needed to hit 136. Will that affect this fight? Historically fighters who miss weight have an advantage, but sometimes that weight cut struggle can have a massive impact on stamina. Let’s see what happens. I’m p

br> Kunitskaya. br>d 1 Kunitskaya is throwing heat from the outset, landing big leg kicks. She’s moving aggressively and really looks up for this. But once Aldana settled in she began landing big punches, including one to the body that appeared to really

br> Kunitskaya. And then all of a sudden Aldana absolutely cracks Kunitskaya coming in with a heavy counter check hook that lays Kunitskaya out. She tries to defend with upkicks, but eventually Aldana gets on top and lands bomb after bomb on Kunitskaya, who struggles to defend.

br>one is over. Irene Aldana wins via TKO in the first

d Sean O’Malley vs. Kris Moutinho class=”caption”>Sean O’Malley won in

ndslide victory.

Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

caption>If you’re new to “Suga” Sean O’Malley, brace yourself. He is one of the rising stars in the UFC and one of the most entertaining fighters on the roster. There’s a reason he’s

br>g this card. Unfortunately, his original opponent, Louis Smolka, was removed from this fight thanks to a staph infection. The replacement fighter, Kris Moutinho, represents something of a mismatch. He’s a last minute replacement and not a strong one either. It would be a wild upset if O’Malley lost this fight, but stranger things have ha

br> in the UFC. br>d 1 Moutinho absolutely marching forward trying to catch O’Malley with legs kicks. But O’Malley seems to be landing at will, probing front kicks, precision jabs, straights. Just incredible land percentage. At one point O’Malley had him hurt and was… pretending to play basketball? Incredible.

But Moutinho’s ability to absorb damage and walk forward does appear to be causing O’Malley some issues. That said, O’Malley absolutely sparked him in the last second of the round. One more minute and h

br>ve been out. Incredibly, O’Malley broke the bantamweight record for most strikes landed in a round

CNET scores it 10-8 for O’Malley

br>d 2 O’Malley can’t miss and Moutinho has one of the craziest chins I’ve seen in a fight. He is still walking forward is crazy. O’Malley’s shots seem to have lost their sting. This guy is fighting like it’s his last day on earth. It’s wild that’s he’s still here to take these shots.

O’Malley is landing at a 84% accuracy rate. Anderson Silva levels here. But Mouti

br> STILL HERE. CNET scores it 10-9

br>’Malley br>d 3 Another crazy round where Moutinho just marched through shots and O’Malley just landing at will with precise, clean hard shots. Again, I’ve never seen anything like this.

Eventually, Herb Dean waves it off. O’Malley had a few exchanges where he was really teeing off with every strike you can imagine — knees, punches, kicks. 

To be honest, I would have liked to see that continue. Regardless, a wild fight. O’Malley landed huge shots at an incredible rate and Moutinho just took it all.

Sean O’Malley wins via TKO in the third


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