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Beri said the Indian fashion industry is only 30 years old, and there are so much more achievements to come.

“This is a time to reinvent and it is the smart ones who reinvent who think of a new idea, a new way of selling, a new thing to sell. You have to reinvent and position yourself to suit the times,” said Beri. “Online is taking up a completely new space and, and it is so important today.”

Beri has had a long and illustrious run in the fashion industry. She became head of the French fashion house, Jean Louis Scherrer, in 2000.

Beri trained to be a fashion designer when the industry itself was in its infancy in India.

“Back then, you had polytechnics out in South Extension, or in small communities where girls who were waiting to be married studied fashion. Nobody thought of fashion designing, because there was no industry,” said Beri. “It was only after NIFT came in, and we were the batch of students that actually started this whole story.”

Beri said the Indian fashion industry is only 30 years old, and there are more achievements to come.

“We have a lot of young designers today who are doing really well all over the world. But for us to streamline and to understand the way it works in the West, will take us time. Indians have the strength of being able to do anything from nothing,” said Beri.

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