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Coronavirus widespread has shaken the education progress all over India. The crisis of education basically affected the females of the country. The northern part of India, most of the lower class and middle-class families educate their daughters till a certain level and get them married without considering supporting them until they get a job and status in the society like the men. Unlike olden times where people least considered the well-approved social status of women, but today’s education system has reinforced in the country to a certain level. But currently, due to widespread coronavirus has caused the financial imbalance to the group of people such as the lower class, middle class, because of strict lockdown. This caused difficulty for families to meet both ends. Thus, education preference has reduced over their basic needs. This situation mirrors the olden lifestyle of people especially in the case of women. Co-vid pandemic has obliterated the growth of lifestyle of people, especially in education level. 

Problems faced by women during the co-vid pandemic.

  • Co-vid pandemic has caused an increase in the rate of girls dropping out in education sectors.
  • Early child marriage has increased, because of low financial stability to educate and to grant dowry for a daughter. Although the dowry system was abolished it is still existing under practice. 
  • Since marriage has a prominent role in India, the family of every daughter believes paying for dowry is worth getting a better family over the education of their daughter.
  • An increase in the rate of early teenage pregnancies has been reported.
  • Online learning and the responsibility of doing household chores have become huge stress for a woman.
  • Online distance learning women have been facing disadvantages.
  • The statistical analysis says that compared to men and women, women’s usage of the internet and mobile phone is lesser than men. Because they are much involved in household chores, this observation is focusing on low- and middle-class people who are the victims of the epidemic.

The education crisis caused by co-vid has made people financially incapable to lead a normal life with rights and freedom. Significantly, in the case of girls, the pandemic has implemented the idea of gender inequality is a major part of the population of the country. There is a certain analysis conducted by various organizations such as UNESCO regarding the evaluation of the education crisis that took place during the pandemic. The result of the analysis concludes that the major trouble under this situation has been faced by women of the countries. Thus, the return of gender inequality due to financial instability that occurred from the CO-VID pandemic has caused a huge crisis for women.

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