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Tourism within the country is called domestic tourism or regional tourism. The government of India has issued to expand the space of domestic tourism because it contributes to the economic development of the country. The probability of foreign visitors’ estimation might vary unlike domestic tourism because it is affordable for people with different financial levels and also there are transportation facilities. 

Advantages of regional transportation.

  • Domestic tourism may take minimum travel consumption to compare to foreign transportation.
  • There is the availability of different transportation such as private and public vehicles, planes, trains, and so on.
  • No documentation like a passport is necessary.
  • Domestic tourists prefer residents that are affordable in price and comfortable, unlike foreign visitors who go for standard international services. 
  • Communication trouble will be minimum. 
  • Domestic travel boosts up the economic growth of the country.
  • It results in the formation of the tourism industry which generates commercial activities. As a result, new industries emerge which causes an increase in job opportunities.
  • It helps to enhance knowledge regarding the historical and geographical features of their native country.
  • Tourism is closely connected to transportation, agriculture, construction, and so on. This is another fact for the growth of the economy in the country.
  • It encourages the preservation of the natural environment and historical features for tourism purposes.

The former secretary of tourism, M.P. Bezbaruah has reported the scope of developing new destinations from urban to the central part of the country to improve the infrastructure of tourism including rural transport facilities.

             Domestic tourism enhances the cultural and social benefits of the population and it generates the feeling of nationalism among domestic groups. Such sort of tourism is an education about the environment, variation of tradition and the different customs prevail in regions.

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