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Facebook comes with Emotional Health tool on this Mental Health day

As the world is going through the corona pandemic, the situation is filled with anxiety, helplessness, financial and personal losses. In such a difficult case, people’s mental health is at stake. Already, depression and anxiety have become very common in almost all nations.

In such a crisis, Facebook has launched an “Emotional Health” tool on October 10. This is an excellent initiative on this Mental Health day. During this pandemic, people have become much more dependent on mobiles. The time spent by people on social media has also increased immensely. This step will surely bring awareness among the masses about the importance of our emotional fitness during this crisis.

Some of Facebook’s partners in India are It’s OK to Talk, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deepika Padukone’s Live Love Laugh Foundation, and many more. It has also partnered with Korea Suicide Prevention Centre about how men should deal with their mental health. It focuses on supporting men going through any emotional crisis and unhesitatingly expressing their feelings.

A centralized resource center, called Emotional Health, will always be available in the app. It will provide ideas and tips on dealing with mental health from experts. The service will be provided to everyone globally. As announced by Facebook, there will be more useful features added after a while.

New guidelines for one’s well being have also been added on Instagram. It focuses on how the time spent on social media by youth can affect their mental wellbeing. On this Mental Health day, it has also added the video series “The Real Talk,” which was hosted by a world-renowned mental health advocate, Jovanny Ferryra.

The steps taken by these social media giants are praise-worthy. These will be beneficial to society. In countries like India, where people are not yet aware of mental health issues, this is a big step. It will be helpful to people suffering from other emotional crises to express themselves and seek help.

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