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Health Insurance in times of Covid

The Corona virus has spread in our country and it is a new disease with which we must learn to live and take care of ourselves.

Today more than ever it is essential to have health insurance, to face both Covid-19, as well as other diseases that have not disappeared.

Fortunately, the companies that offer health insurance have adapted and offer new protection benefits while we keep periods of quarantine or distancing.

BMI, Confiamed, Humana, SaludSA, offer benefits such as: Video Consultation, Home Doctor, Home Laboratory Exams, Ambulance, among others. 

Confiamed also presents an innovative Basic Hospital at Home service, which can be very convenient when hospitals have a higher demand for patients. 

BMI extends the free coverage for 2 years for Dependent family members in the event of the Cardholder’s death.

With regard to Reimbursements, all companies have adapted to process them digitally, doing telework days and crediting the indemnities directly to the Insured’s bank account.

Apart from these services that can be used frequently, we must remember that a hospital complication can be very expensive and affect the economy of a family. In these cases, the companies that offer medical insurance can grant “hospital credit” so that the Insured does not have to disburse important amounts of money, assume debts or provide guarantees.

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