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How to change health insurance 📘Basic Guide

Health insurance is the benefit most valued by employees in Spain, and that is why many companies already offer it in 2020, thus betting on the well-being and health of their teams.

If your company is one of them, you are surely wondering if you have the best health insurance and what to take into account to compare and make a good decision for 2021.

Aspects to consider when changing health insurance


Let’s face it, nobody has money to spare. The monthly premium or the price per insured to be paid each month to the insurer is a clear indicator of the cost of the insurance. However, it is not the only one. 

Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Lower price, may not be cheaper. Some insurers offer an apparently cheaper price, until we discover the so-called co-payments , which are amounts that we must pay for each medical visit we make, in some cases they are increasing, the more use of the insurance, the greater the co-payment. What good is health insurance that makes you pay every time you want to use it?


These are the waiting times that apply to new contracts. They are designed to prevent fraud and abuse. But they are the most cumbersome and one of the most frustrating experiences you can have with health insurance, when you really need to access a treatment and you find that you have to wait several months before you can use it with your health insurance. They can be a real ordeal if one of the people in your company is receiving some treatment and you decide to change. Take care that your new health insurance does not have them.


It seems obvious, don’t you think? However, you have to dig a little deeper. Find out what treatments each option you use covers. 

These are the main things you have to check:

  • Primary care: general medicine, nursing.
  • Specialists: at least 30 specialties must be covered. You don’t need to check all of them, but if there are less than 30, it probably won’t offer good coverage.
  • Outpatient treatments. Including surgery.
  • Hospitalization: ask that the main hospitals in your area are included in the medical chart.
  • Diagnostic tests. The obvious ones come to mind, blood tests, X-rays, ultrasounds, etc. It is important that your insurer also covers the high-tech ones, they are expensive, but without them the quality of health care would not be complete.
  • Prevention services or programs, because it is not necessary to wait until you are sick to use your insurance, prevention is better than cure.
  • Others: such as medical transport, access to emergencies, telephone advice, etc.
  • Dental coverage: it is included in the price or at an additional cost.

It might seem like all health insurance covers the same things, but what does the fine print say? The contracts incorporate an exclusion clause , it is normal, not everything goes, but read it well and ask until you understand it, since not all of them are very clear.

Finally, see what limits the policy has. Some products limit the number of times you can use a service, in some cases these limits may be reasonable, while in others, they are truly abusive. 

Notice periods

The insurance contract law, which governs the health insurance contract, says that they have an annual duration. Most insurers have an expiration date that coincides with the calendar year and ends on December 31. 

In case of wanting to change insurance, the client can cancel the renewal of the insurance by notifying the insurer in writing one month in advance of expiration, that is, on November 30.

Alan allows you to cancel at any time , it is not necessary to wait for the expiration, if the product does not satisfy you, you are free to cancel it, yes, give us a month’s notice


Most health insurance is run in the old fashioned way. With papers, pdf and email, at best. Your new health insurance should allow you to take control of your policy and be able to manage the members of your company online and in an easy and simple way. 

Ask how the registrations and cancellations of employees and family members will be managed, if this is generating work for you, you need a better solution. 

Health insurance has an impact on payroll , either as salary in kind, or as a deduction, if paid by the employee. If your insurer doesn’t make it easy for you, it may not be a good partner for you.

Support for you and employees

Health is important and when it fails, the last thing we have to worry about is how to access a service or provision of our insurance. If your insurer is not in those key moments for you, find one that is committed to it. 

Employer branding

Employees are the greatest asset of any company. Your talent and dedication make the difference between business success and failure. Ask yourself if the health insurance you have reinforces the attitude and the message you want to convey, is it fresh? Is it a benefit that they really like and does it reach them? Simplicity and ease of use is everything in an insurance with a great emotional component, and that links and strengthens ties between the company and its people. This is something where traditional insurance may not be able to do much, and makes you consider upgrading your health insurance.

Checklist for changing health insurance

We would love for Alan to be your new insurance for 2021, as we believe that we offer a great solution to all the points mentioned above, but this decision is something that requires time and consideration, therefore, the best thing to do when deciding on an insurance change is that evaluate the following points:


❐ Compare prices and copays

❐ Compare coverage

❐ Primary care

❐ Specialists

❐ Outpatient treatments

❐ Hospitalization

❐ Diagnostic tests

❐ Prevention programs

❐ Others: emergencies, medical transport

❐ Dental

❐ Compare conditions

❐ Shortcomings

❐ Exclusions

❐ Limits

❐ My contract management panel 

❐ Customer service 

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