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How to tan?

In some countries, the hot season is about to begin, and many are eager to put jackets and scarves in the back of their wardrobes, to make way for light dresses and bikinis . For many, it is the ideal time to abandon that pale tone characteristic of a zombie or a winter season, for a Hawaiian toast that suits us all so well. Here we show you some recommendations to take into account on how to tan!

However, having a charred unfinished tanned skin is not that simple. Not only on an aesthetic level: excessive sunbathing will make you red like a shrimp, but also the sun in large quantities can affect your skin , to the point of causing burns and cancer .

If you think that will never happen to you, remember this great advice from grandmother: we all believe that it will never happen to us, until it happens to us.

Tips for knowing how to tan carefully

1) If you want a perfect tan, don’t think that exposing yourself for hours and hours in the sun is the best idea. You will turn red as a tomato, it will burn you, and what is worse, you will peel. If you want to avoid all this process worthy of a snake that is shedding, it is best to sunbathe for short periods, every day. Half an hour every day is fine.

2) According to the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products ( AEMPS ) in its decalogue to sunbathe safely, it is essential to be constantly hydrated while you sunbathe.

3) There is no study to prove it but, before sunbathing, make sure you do not have makeup traces that clog your pores and generate unwanted sebum. After sunbathing, wash your face with plenty of water and neutral soap to eliminate excess perspiration and avoid having shiny skin.

4) According to the head of the Dermatology Service of the Centro Habana Pediatric Hospital, Dr. Pilar Acuña Aguilarte , a member of the National Childcare Group of the Ministry of Public Health, it is very important to protect the eyes by wearing sunglasses that adequately cover their eyes. sides.

5) Avoid midday hours until 4 in the afternoon  to tan, as recommended by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products in its decalogue to sunbathe safely.

6) Protect your skin with a suitable sun cream,  as recommended in this study published in the journal  Más Dermatología.  The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) will depend a lot on each person and specific situation.

7) So that your hair remains in optimal condition: extreme care, and protect them with special serums and styling creams.

8) According to a study published by Medisan magazine , “after a day in the sun it is very important to shower with lukewarm water to close the pores without the temperature change being too sudden, then dry off well. To prolong the tan after exposure to the sun, a cream containing soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, softening and regenerating elements of the epithelium should be applied that a normal moisturizer does not have ”.

9) In some countries it is not yet defined whether tanning beds are harmful to health . If you are looking for an artificial tan using this method: get advice on your skin type and how long it can be exposed to these rays. Never sunbathe and then go to a tanning bed, or undergo this treatment with less than 48% difference between one exposure and another. If you are pregnant, don’t even think of this method.

10) If you are taking any medication and want to sunbathe, it is best to consult your doctor first to see if there is no problem in doing so.

11) If you do not want to become a raisin, do not think about using any type of oil , even if it ensures that it has some type of solar factor. You’ll burn like a potato chip. Some go further, and to tan they use cooking oil. Needless to say, those who do that are some kind of kamikazes: Never do it! It is extremely dangerous.

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