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India and New Zealand have merged to innovate a new education system that is announced to be implemented in the post-co-vid period. This mission has been guiding by the leaders of the education sector in the respective countries. There were panel discussions conducted on the basis of major functions of prominent education industries in both these countries. The idea was about to implement in practice but it was restricted by the pandemic. Therefore, the further procedure of this project is pending. The integration of these countries for the advancement of the education system, therefore, supports education and training all over the world with the objective to overcome the crisis and reinforce their function project with vast support. One of the main areas of the focus of this innovation is in the technological field.

Aims of innovating a new education system

  • To propagate new trends of the education system internationally.
  • Building up an education relationship between India and New Zealand could bring up a massive number of international students that may result from the greater support to the educational potential and business growth of both countries. 
  • Chances for job opportunities abroad may increase.
  • Technological innovation for education purposes may consider seriously for developing progress in the online method of training programs.

Two main areas focused by the project

  • Refinement of the education system.
  • Promoting digital learning system

           The innovation of the new education system act a great role in minimizing the troubles faced by students during the pandemic crisis, by introducing different learning styles such as in a digital manner. New Zealand has appreciated for the best English Language education system, and the country‚Äôs collaboration with India promises to show a different way of approaching the education system which differs from the one that existed earlier.

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