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iPhone privacy: How Apple’s plan to go after child abusers might affect you

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Apple has long presented itself as a bastion of security, and as one of the only tech companies that truly cares about user privacy. But a new technology designed to help an iPhone, Joker123 iPad or Mac computer detect child exploitation images and videos stored on those devices has ignited a fierce debate about the truth behind Apple’s promises.

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The slippery slope concern privacy experts have raised is whether Apple’s tools could be twisted into surveillance technology against dissidents. Imagine if the Chinese government were able to somehow secretly add data corresponding to the famously suppressed Tank Man photo from the 1989 pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square to Apple’s child exploitation content system.

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Matt Zarb-Cousin, of the Clean Up Gambling campaign, told the Times: ‘Alongside the former gambling minister Hugh Robertson subsequently being appointed chair of Camelot, these revelations call into question the impartiality of an opaque process for the next lottery licence.

‘There is absolutely no conflict of interest – and never has been – in our employment of Alice,’ the spokesman said, adding: ‘The Times story has only had the effect of upsetting a 24-year-old who has done nothing wrong.’


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Mr Whittingdale listed his daughter’s job on the parliamentary register of members’ interests, describing her as a ‘researcher’.

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“Even if you believe Apple won’t allow these tools to be misused there’s still a lot to be concerned about,” tweeted Matthew Green, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, who’s worked on cryptographic technologies.

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He also sought to argue that the scanning feature is separate from Apple’s other plans to alert children about when they’re sending or receiving explicit images in the company’s Messages app for SMS or iMessage. In that case, Apple said, it’s focused on educating parents and children, and isn’t scanning those images against its database of child abuse images.

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Because this system is merely looking for sexually explicit pictures, unlike the iCloud Photos setup, which is checking against a known database of child abuse imagery, it’s likely Apple’s text-related system would flag something like your legal photos of your kids in a bathtub. But Apple said this system will only be in place with phones that are logged in under a child’s iCloud account, and that it’s meant to help protect those iPhone users from unexpectedly being exposed to explicit imagery. 

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