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Journal need new submissions in September for Vol 8, No 6, as well as in November for Vol 9, # 1 issue. They works to write as reported by the schedule following the editorial process. The interview with Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Professor, Department of Worldwide Relations, Asian Federal College, is adopted the occasion of his 65th birthday. The primary subject from the conversation may be the scholars research experience and the assessment from the development level and current condition of social and humanitarian science in Russia, at Asian Federal College. Anatoliy Kuznetsov emphasizes the significance of giving due regard to local research traditions and scientific schools. He views the introduction of scientific theory to become essential and suggests the prospects of creating a systematic approach, which, given its unrevealed potential, could be sought after underneath the conditions of high variability and uncertainty relating to modern occasions. Antúnez, J. V. V. & Contreras, F. G. (2016). Bioética, dignidad e intertemporalidad de los Bioderechos Humanos (Bioethics, dignity and intertemporality of Human Biorights). Revista de Filosofía, 83(2), 7-24.

38. Marochkin, S. Yu. Voprosy effektivnosti norm mezhdunarodnogo prava // Sov. ezhegodnik mezhdunar. prava. (Questions the potency of worldwide law). Moscow, 1989. 54. Shustrov, D. G. Uchreditelnaya funkciya konstitucii (The Founding Purpose of the Metabolic rate) // Konstitucionnoe I municipalnoe pravo, 2012, No. 9, pp. 10-16. Drawing upon review from the good reputation for the problem and also the research into the current condition from the problem from the Southern Kuril Islands, the writer from the presented article outlines numerous scenarios to add mass to political and diplomatic interaction between Russia and Japan within this economically and strategically key part of the Off-shore. The primary medium term scenarios for interaction from the parties are «conflictual», «contractual» and «inertial». The most powerful effect on what scenario the territorial contradictions within the Southern Kuril Islands will build up later on, in the author`s perspective, would be the factors from the worldwide atmosphere, and, mainly, the united states-China balancing.

51. Prokofev, V. N. Iranskij konstitucionalizm I institut prezidentstva // Konstitucionnoe I municipalnoe pravo. (Iranian Constitutionalism and also the Institution from the Presidency), 2016, No. 3. Dementyev, V. V. (2002). Communicative genristics: speech genres as a way of formalizing social interaction. Saratov: Izdatel’stvo GosUNTS «Kolledzh». 60. Yurkovskij, A. V. Konstitucionalizm: sistemnyj podxod k formirovaniyu universalnoj politiko-pravovoj kategorii (Constitutionalism: an organized Method of the development of the Universal Political and Legal Groups) // Sibirskij yuridicheskij Vestnik, 2013, No. 3, pp. 20-28.

Objective. To allocate macroeconomic and institutional factors of formation of competitive the best-selling region, get the conceptual bases of formation of business and economic mechanism of increase of region competitiveness within the conditions of globalization around the globe economy. Primary Findings: The authors demonstrated more knowledge about the representation of the need for the address within an official speech, establishes a repertoire of language implies that realize this is of address in prescription genres, determines the dependence of the option of the lexico-grammatical type of way of express the essence of addressing, forms it structure of styles. The topic of this information is the social relations controlled through the legal institution of fabric responsibility of workers and employees. The objective of the content may be the argumentation from the position based on which material liability doesn’t have the status of legal liability. To do this goal, the next tasks were implemented: 1) the positions from the overwhelming quantity of supporters – theorists of law and scientists at work law – were considered – recognition of fabric responsibility among the kinds of responsibility, together with criminal law, administrative law, etc., that is construed as compensation for harm caused to some worker or worker for an enterprise (organization, institution): 2) the views of scientists (Anatoly Borisovich Vengerov, Mikhail Mikhailovich Rassolov, консультация юриста цена Magomed Imranovich Abdulaev), who don’t recognize material responsibility as a kind of responsibility, happen to be examined 3) examined methods to understanding responsibility 4) the author’s position of understanding responsibility and it is signs is offered, concentrating on like the start of negative effects, imposing new additional responsibilities around the offender 5) the issue of correlation of legal liability measures and protection measures is recognized as. To conclude, it’s figured that the identification of measures of responsibility and measures of protection have brought, first, for an incorrect meaning of civil liability, that material liability is frequently compared next, the questionable allocation of both legal purpose of responsibility and material responsibility as a type of responsibility, which, despite its consolidation in labor legislation, within our opinion, in the essential and substantive characteristics describes protection measures. The scientific article also emphasizes the problem of distinguishing between legal liability and protection measures is very essential for police force entities, who must adequately know very well what measures of condition-legal coercion they apply, which therefore realize their set goals. Simultaneously, they ought to bear in mind that used the named kinds of condition legal coercion are frequently applied concurrently (for instance, a civil suit in criminal proceedings).    We concentrate on complex transactional, project and dispute support as well as utilise our complete abilities, that are possibly first rate among other worldwide lawyers in Moscow.

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