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Mum shares how to make trendy taco pies

Creative home cooks are now experimenting with delicious ‘taco pies’ using their pie makers – and they’re surprisingly simple to make.  

A mum-of-three from Victoria recently shared a snap of the dish on Facebook, wowing fellow members of the ‘Kmart Pie Maker Recipes’ group with the easy 12 minute, six-ingredient recipe.  

To make the dish she used puff pastry, leftover taco mince, sour cream, sliced avocado, fresh chilli and cheese.

Rather than making ordinary tacos, an Australian woman has shared how to prepare taco pies using a Sunbeam pie maker

The meal itself is quite simple to cook and involves lining the pie maker with puff pastry, filling with all ingredients then placing another layer of pastry on top.  

The Facebook post attracted more than 700 likes and many other home cooks described the idea as ‘brilliant’.

‘I’ll be making a double batch of taco mince next and save half for อยากแท้ง this idea!’ one said.





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The Facebook post attracted more than 700 likes and many other home cooks said the idea was ‘brilliant’

While this seems to be a new cooking craze, others said they have been making taco pies for ‘years’ and a good alternative to puff pasty is taco or burrito wraps.

‘They are amazing made with wraps and no lid, instead you pile on toppings,’ one home cook suggested. 

Another woman recommended only adding the meat and cheese first, then once cooked add the other ingredients – such as avocado and tomato – in order to keep these toppings fresh. 

‘I do a puff pastry base, add meat and cheese and then close the lid and cook,’ the woman said.

‘When done I add fresh ingredients – tomato, lettuce, avocado [or] sour cream.’ 

‘I’ve been making these for years – they are great [and] I also do chicken stroganoff pies,’ another cook said.   

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