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American wrestler John Cena has shown his appearance in the Hollywood television series ‘Peacemaker,’ which is the spin-off of ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘The Fast and Furious 9’. John Cena was previously the wrestler at the WWE championship. He also starred in various films, even though it didn’t bring much recognition. ‘Peacemaker’ is the first T.V. series presented by James Gunn from the source D.C. comic works. John Cena will play the titular role. The spin-off series is an action-adventure comedy. It is the latest work released by HBO Max, consisting of eight episodes. As a screenplay writer and director of this series, James Gunn has reported that it is the story where several anti-heroes of D.C. comics may perform. Although, not sure if it may release as either sequel or as a prequel.


Most of James Gunn’s works are chiefly related to superheroes and villains. The spin-off series ‘peacemaker’ in which the leading role is a peacemaker, comes across various challenges and overcomes those for the sake of spreading peace. But the twist of the plot is, the protagonist may take violent steps to obtain peace. The series’s relevance is to explore brutal issues like homicides, violence that is taking place in society. Here the lead role acts as both protagonist and antagonist. James Gunn has presented D.C. characters to expand suicide squad through its spin-off series ‘peacemaker.’

Fast and Furious 9

F9 is the ninth part of the Fast and Furious saga, where John Cena plays as one of the leading roles. The releasing date has been postponed to 2021due to the CO-VID pandemic. John Cena plays as Jacob Toretto, a specialized thief and an assassin. He appears with the mission of taking revenge against his brother, the lead character of the film. John Cena reveals that the fast and furious saga queries must be announced in the upcoming ninth part.

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