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Soman and her wife Ankita perMilind form Chakras Asan at Hook Beach, US.

As we all know, Milind Soman was in the news for getting married to a younger woman, Ankita Konwar. We saw a lovey-dovey couple sharing pictures on Instagram all the time.

Recently, Ankita shared a picture on Instagram of two performing Chakraasan at Sandy Hook Beach, US. It seems the couple is enjoying the time on the beach doing Yoga Asana. So the true saying, couples that workout stays together. Earlier, we saw a lot of Bollywood couples who workout together with Bipasha Basu and Karan Grover.

If you’re inspired by a couple of goals too, here are the quick tips on how to perform and the benefits of Chakrasana :

  • Chakrasana is called a Wheel Pose; it reduces the stress and tension in the body 
  • It expands the chest and lungs to get more oxygen; it is very beneficial for asthma patients
  • This Pose helps to strengthen the back and increases the elasticity of the spine 
  • It is also good for blood circulation and mental health; it relieves you from the anxiety and stress
  • Chakrasana or Wheel Pose strengthens all internal organs. It ensures the functioning of organs to do proper

This celeb always gives us some goals. So many benefits for those who don’t want to begin today but under a professional’s supervision, as fit as a fiddle.

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