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The kpop industry is probing its worth again with the documentary release of “Blackpink: Light Up the Sky”.

 The Korean music industry has again proved its worth with the latest release of the documentary by the young kpop group of Blackpink. The group has been in talks for their best songs in the last couple of years, they portrayed the struggles of their career in the documentary named “Blackpink: Light Up the Sky”. This has moved the fans to have increased reaction from the fans filling up the internet on social media sites and blog posts. 

The effect on fans

The documentary was released on one of Netflix’s biggest platforms, taking immediate attention from all the viewers around the world. The series shows the best aspects of their talents while it also highlights the negative sides of the world of media and paparazzi. The director for the series, Caroline Suh has made an outstanding plot direction by showcasing the most realistic scenarios faced by the artists in their careers. 

About the artists-

The group consists of four members, jisoo, Jennie, rose and Lisa, explain a detailed journey from their start of the career as trainees to becoming the megastars that they are global. The sudden rise in the group’s fame consists of their beginner practicing days, which included restless nights and non-stop practise for every quality content that we see today. 

The kpop band debuted on august 8th 2016, under YG entertainment enterprises, attaining fame immediately within four years. With the main vocalist as jisoo, Jennie, as the main rapper and lead vocalist, rose as the main vocalist and lead dancer, Lisa as the beginner, lead rapper, and dancer position. 

The documentary is on its way to becoming a hit and has given rise to more fame for the stars globally, grabbing attention from some of the most influential celebrities online.

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