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Twitter Analyzed News Trends During the Pandemic

When the countries faced their first total lockdown, it was hipe, but as time passed every new rule and habit made its place in everyone’s life and became a part of a new lifestyle. And now all have adjusted to the new requirements and measures that are the need of the hour and are living with them without complaints.Time will go leaving an impact on everyone’s life, and everything will be back to its new normal.

Insights into New Trends

Twitter analyzed from the searches and conversations of the users and shared, to what people were attracted to till now as a result of the pandemic. 

  1. With a 42% increase in tweets on parenting, one thing for which the pandemic can be counted as good is, the parent-children bond matured stronger. Kids are staying at their homes which is making parents spend more time with them. 2020 brought a good change in parenting.
  1. The mental health of many is affected. People who have isolated faced mental breakdown. The virus itself deals with mental health. 54% of people agreed on ” my mental health” has increased in importance versus last year.
  1. The lockdowns affected different people differently, some considered isolation and loneliness as a reason for stress and becoming antisocial and some took it as an opportunity to explore new interests and hobbies. 
  1. One more thing that drew attention to is traveling. Companies took the advantage of the situation and there were and still are a lot of promotions and opportunities for holidays, and most importantly, people are showing their interest in it. People are trying new things, which they never thought of. 24% tweets increased of people trying new things.
  2. Even consumers changed their views. They want to be part of social causes and are promoting the brands that are contributing to any such cause. Twitter analyzed that 72% of people feel that they are making a difference when they take part in what a brand is supporting. This is a change for good, for both society and brands

Whatever happens, it doesn’t only have a darker side but there is a brighter side too. These highlights given by twitter are proofs.

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