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What happens during an MRI test?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your exam to complete any paperwork and answer a series of questions about your medical history. These questions include:

Prior notification of the above conditions will allow us to discuss your situation with your doctor. If you have had a previous MRI, please inform your Patient Care Coordinator.

We will ask you to remove and store your personal belongings, such as your watch, wallets, and car keys prior to the test.

During the test, you will lie on a padded exam table that slowly slides toward the center of the magnet. Although you will not feel anything during the test, you will hear intermittent “buzzing” and “thumping” sounds similar to that of a drum. You will be in contact with the MRI staff during your test through a special intercom. A stereo system is available for your listening pleasure (use of headphones is restricted with some scans).

Your doctor may order an image enhancement agent to clarify the MRI images. Our trained physician will inject this contrast agent into a vein in your arm near the end of the test.

The average scan takes between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the parts of the body being viewed. Several sets of images are taken for each study. It is important that you remain relaxed and completely still during the scan because any movement can reduce the quality of the image. When the scan is complete, the technologist will assist you from the table. You can resume your normal activities after your exam.

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