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What If…? episode 6 recap: Killmonger erases a Marvel hero before his career begins

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Killmonger interferes with an early MCU moment.

Marvel Studios

After our trip to last week, episode 6 of the  animated series   landed on Wednesday. This instalment brings us back to the events of , and sees a seemingly altruistic (Michael B. Jordan) — a bitter Wakandan outcast who’s determined to take his country’s throne by force — jumping into one of Tony Stark’s formative moments.  

The omniscient Watcher (), who observes , asks What If… Killmonger rescued Tony Stark?

Vibranium SPOILERS incoming.

Marvel Studios

Iron Man erased

This reality branches off from the mainline MCU early in the first Iron Man, Nice Store after Killmonger uncovers Obadiah Stane’s plot to assassinate Tony with the . Killmonger, who’s still serving as a US Navy SEAL at this point in the timeline, saves Tony from the Stark Industries bomb that would have embedded shrapnel near his heart and slays the Ten Rings goons who’d have captured him.

This cuts off Tony’s journey to becoming Iron Man, and he remains a total jerk (as opposed to the slightly less of a jerk he became during the main MCU timeline) and kicks off a bromance between him and Killmonger. 

The Wakadan outcast becomes Stark Industries’ new chief security officer (much to Happy Hogan’s chagrin), and he immediately outs Stane for his role trying to get rid of Tony, earning him a superfast promotion to chief operating officer. Well played, Killmonger.

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