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DGCA says passengers can’t use gadgets, which disrupts flight safety

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has said passengers can take pictures and videos on Sunday. However, The Aviation Ministry added that passengers can’t use any recording equipment that disrupts the operations. Also, DGCA stated that, if a passenger is found taking pictures inside the plane; scheduled flight will get cancelled for two days. Now, airlines are taking action against the passengers taking pictures in aircraft.

It is added that taking pictures and videos during air transport services, take- off and landing is fine. But, recording equipment doesn’t allow for safety purposes. It all started two days back from Indigo Airlines Photography and videography in Chandigarh – Mumbai flight the actress Kagana Ranaut was present according to the report.

The Bollywood actress known for her last film Manikarnika was on the flight to return from Chandigarh to Mumbai. A bunch of Journalists followed her to take an interview and broke the rule of COVID-19. According to regulations the permission doesn’t include taking pictures or videos without written communications. As per the Rule 13 of the aircraft , no one is allowed to take pictures, unless the permission is granted from DGCA or Aviation Ministry that too written. The regulations are directed to all the crew members on the aircraft for the safety measures.