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Everything you need to know about SIPs and Axis Mutual Funds new campaign “ShuruaatSIPse”

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a simple method by which investors can generate a large amount of money over a period by making small payments at regular intervals. Investors can make these small payments into a mutual fund account or a retirement account.

SIP is the ideal solution for anyone who wishes to be responsible with their money. Here are some of the astounding benefits that SIPs provide to investors:

  1. Streamlined saving: SIP fulfills every investors’ goal of becoming financially responsible. By saving money regularly, investors gain a new level of discipline.
  2. Flexible: Investors are not under any compulsion to continue investing in their SIP. They can withdraw at any time. At the same time, investors can also increase or decrease the amount that they are investing in.
    The intention of the Axis Mutual Fund’s new campaign is to make investors aware of these wonderous benefits of SIP. This digital campaign is for everyone be it a musician starting his career or a retired individual.
    This campaign emphasizes on the fact that people come across various challenges in their lives. With SIP offering flexibility and affordability, these challenges can be faced head-on. Axis Bank AMC MD and CEO, Chandresh Nigam believes that every journey begins with a small step in the right direction. For financial well-being, one needs to invest responsibly. Through the Axis Bank Mutual Funds “ShuruaatSIPse’’ campaign, investors can start their financial journey on the right foot.

To make this investment journey simpler, Axis Bank included several features to its mobile application. Investors can now add multiple investments in their cart, resume transactions, switch between schemes, and much more all with the click of a button. Axis Mutual Fund has done everything and more to smoothen the financial journey of investors.