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IT/OT Convergence and 5G, A Convergence

Everyone knew the importance of the existence of information technology, but no-one imagined when the world will be stuck in a pandemic, IT will come into play with its open hands. Be it in the education sector, industrial or medical, it would have been impossible to manage everything without Information Technology. Despite this fact, the WHO reported the maximum number of hacking and cyber attacks amid Covid-19. Without the protection and solution that IT/OT convergence offer from security threats, recovery would have been impossible in the phase when economies are struggling.

5G and IT/OT and AI

Information Technology with its well-established security has now converged with Operational Technology in the last few years. They were once thought of as two antiparallel fields. Artificial Intelligence and IT/OT Convergence working together, is definitely a great combination that can lead to a number of efficient discoveries and advancements in technology. This can direct to better sharing of information and using big data to refine processes and make machines more productive.

5G networks are super strong which will bring a positive change in technology and the world when introduced worldwide. But, with 4G, the sectors are dealing with attacks every day, think of the condition when 5G will be a worldwide network. There will be advancements but with advancements comes challenges. 5G will have a big influence on IT/OT convergence.

Security Platforms and IT/OT

Converged IT and OT industrial-grade security platforms are already there, but as 5G has made the process easier and faster for industries, it has provided a faster platform for attackers too. 

With the duality of converged IT/OT security platforms, it is easier to deal with cybercrimes. But the attackers always try to match the pace, so it is of high importance to understand that the two environments are different and their combination of IT/OT will always need improvement with elevations that 5G has created and will create in the coming years.