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Kate Winslet in the upcoming film about Onecoin Ponzi scheme

The Oscar-winner actor Kate Winslet is about to stare in a movie based on the cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme Onecoin.

As per the reports, the movie is to be called “Fake!.” The theme of the movie is taken from the book by Jen McAdan and Douglas Thompson. This book shares the story of McAdam’s role in Onecoin’s Ponzi scheme with the readers. This is a true-life story.

McAdam is one of the victims of Onecoin’s Ponzi scheme. It is rightly described as “one of the biggest scams in history.”  This scam has collected about $4 billion from all across the globe. McAdams has also founded a group to provide support and help to the victims of the scam. She and her family have lost around approximately $300000 in the Onecoin Ponzi scheme. After the news of her upcoming film came, she tweeted and thanked Douglas Thompson for writing her book Fake! As said by McAdams, this book is a memoir book of her life. This book is about her journey to receiving justice in Onecoin’s fraudulent scam, which has made a tremendous impact on the victims’ lives. McAdams is thankful as her book is going to be featured in the Hollywood MGM movie.

Scott Z Burns is co-producing the movie with Jennifer Todd and Winslet for MGM movies. Burns is famed for his works such as the Contagion and The Report. He is also known for producing the Netflix movie, The Laundromat about the Panama Papers.

Kate Winslet has been nominated seven times for Oscars. She won the award of Best Actress in 2009 for her amazing performance in The Report.

The news of this upcoming movie starring Kate Winslet has led to high levels of excitement among the audience. People are eagerly waiting!