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Still Living With Your Parents? It’s Time To Pack Up And ADHD Doctor Dubai

Online reviews can help you locate ADHD doctors in Dubai. Dr. Hamza Alsayouf or Dr. Arif Khan might be worth your consideration. Here’s an overview of their qualifications and what they can offer patients. These doctors are the best in ADHD treatment in Dubai. They are highly experienced, ADHD doctors in Dubai well trained, and have great feedback from their patients. You can also contact their offices to schedule an appointment or to discuss your case.

Dr. Arif Khan

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a widespread mental disorder that affects anywhere from five to eight percent of the population worldwide. According to Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai ADHD can affect as much as one in ten children. According to Dr. Arif Khan, CEO of Neuropedia, ADHD is a “neuro-behavioural disorder”. Dr. Khan uses a variety of brain-training techniques to help children manage the disorder, including discrete trial training. These methods break down complex behaviors into smaller, easier reinforcement tests that are designed to help children achieve their goals each step by step.

The symptoms of ADHD include impulsive and hyperactive behavior. ADHD is distinguished from autism because some ADHD children have high IQ while others have lower IQ. Although ADHD symptoms are different from autism, they share many similarities. People suffering from ADHD typically exhibit signs of hyperactivity, inattention and inattention. In addition to these symptoms individuals with autism spectrum disorders typically display challenges in speech and nonverbal communication, social skills and repetitive behaviors.

Dr. Arif Khan is a certified Paediatric Neurology Consultant in the UAE. He has extensive experience in treating patients with neurological disorders. He is a founder consultant for Neuropedia and a director at the Neuroscience Centre. As the director of the Comprehensive Children’s Neuroscience Centre Dr. Khan has been treating children for over 15 years. You can trust him for your child’s health care.

As a British-trained paediatric neurologist, Dr. Arif Khan is an expert in the management of neurological disorders that affect children. He received his medical education in the UK, and has completed an CCT course at the Royal College of Paediatrics. He also conducts specialized tests for neurological including vagal nerve stimulation or ketogenic diet.

Children with ADHD are not motivated for normal activities. They are unable to participate in certain tasks because of their reward system. They release hormones that make their excited and happy when they perform these tasks. In the case of those who suffer from ADHD these hormones block them from engaging in activities that stimulate the brain. They spend their time stimulating the brain and releasing chemicals that stimulate their reward system.

Dr. Hamza Alsayouf

Dr. Hamza Alsayouf, a board certified pediatrician, specializes in treating children with ADHD as well as other neurologic conditions. His training included stints at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Texas Tech University. He is the CEO and founder of the Kids Neuro Clinic and ADHD doctors in Dubai Rehab Center in Dubai Healthcare City. The clinic specializes on neurologic disorders in children. It also has an in-house research team that plans to publish additional papers. The doctors are also open to inquiries from both the private sector and individuals to join the research.

A personalized treatment plan and regular use of pharmacological drugs is the best way to treat ADHD. The most effective combination of drugs is the one that will provide the most effective outcome for every patient. The study showed that ADHD medications in conjunction with antipsychotic medication helped to control symptoms and increase attention, which is important for learning. Dr. Alsayouf has developed an approach to treatment that explains the process of treating each patient. His research findings will hopefully encourage further clinical research.