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The best mystery in the latest series of hunting of the bly manor in Netflix, and fan reactions.

The hunting of the bly manor series has left the horror enthusiasts baffled. Within a few hours of release, the series became a trend among the horror fans with maximum faqs in the sites for the ending and the story plots.

The exciting plot twists-

The plot twists around a faceless figure that was dropped off in the trailer when it was released, putting the fans in a lot of thrill and anticipation for a promising storyline. The particular series has left the internet with way more questions that need to get answered and simplified in the follow-up for the series, after the initial nine episodes of season 1 that was aired on the 9th of October 2020.

The development of the storyline-

The storyline has showcased a faceless ghost that wanders around the water, into the grounds to the manor, and then to the master bedroom, killing anyone who gets in the way of the spooky adventure of the faceless figure in the middle of the night. This story dates back to the 1600s when the lady that turned into the main horror figure was murdered brutally. 

A horror story like no other-

The story revolves around a perfect storyline that is good enough to grab the attention of the mass, but then they made a twist in the plot which grabbed attention when, one of the main protagonist viola, who was leading a perfectly fine life with her magnificent looks and elegant tenures, along with her sister Perdita faced unexpected situations. She led a life of royalty and drove out anyone that caused inconvenience, and that included the love interest she had, shortly after that she gave birth to her first child, that made her forget about her love interest. But the story became even more interesting when out of nowhere viola started vomiting blood, and was diagnosed with a problem related to lungs (lung cancer most probably).

Get in the run for the best thrilling experience with a different angle to the horror movies, and an exciting backstory of the faceless figure of Viola in the hunting of the bly manor series!