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The best weekly documentary release on Netflix, with the true storyline of my octopus teacher!

The latest releases on Netflix have stirred emotions in people and have them talking about some of the movies, among which the best release in the last week has been of the documentary ‘ my octopus teacher’. This is an original concept that is directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed, with a partnership with the sea change project, the Iff the fence, and the agency of ZEF enterprises. 

The best viewer’s review for the storyline 

The story follows a unique storyline that initially starts in the setting of the kelp forest that is located in southern Africa, with a young sea diver being very intuitive and immersed in the world of the sea when an attractive octopus grabs his attention in one of his swimming sessions. The story further follows a beautiful documentary done by the young diver by following the octopus’s trails. 

The documentary inspiration

 This was rumored to have been a personal experience for the main character that is played by Craig foster when he confirmed the rumors and added a crisp twist to the storyline by narrating these personal experiences, that enabled him to come out and make the movie.

The main protagonist played by Craig foster was facing with a lot of mental issues, in the years of his professional career when he decided to work on his natural calling, which made him realize the importance of swimming in his life and got him out of the worldly disappointments, that he was facing after he left the sea, according to him. That is when he decided to work on one of his most beautiful encounters during his time when he went to the cape town and got in the vicinity of one of the most beautiful creatures!

The best portrayal through a series of events

The experience for him was very inspiring and that led him to produce one of the greatest documentaries which has created an impulse in the heart of the viewers on the most used entertainment platform of Netflix.