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Tokyo confirmed 166 new cases of the novel coronavirus Tuesday 13th October, the metropolitan government said, more than double the previous day’s figure.

Tuesday’s figure was based on 2,456 tests. The capital’s increasing tally stood at 27,959, while the number of sick patients was 27, up by two from the earlier day.

Individuals in their 20s made up the biggest group of new infections, with 37, followed by individuals in 30s, at 33, and those in their 40s, at 28. 

Monday’s daily count of 78 new cases was the first time in seven days that it plunged below 100. On Monday, nationwide, Japan confirmed 284 new coronavirus cases, and the nations’ coronavirus-linked death toll rose by four to 1,647.

In an infection cluster at a theatrical group in Saitama Prefecture, four individuals were recently discovered tainted Monday, raising that group’s absolute cases to 68.

However, The Tokyo Metropolitan Government this Thursday reported 284 new coronavirus cases, up 107 from Wednesday. 

The figure was based on 6,201 tests. The capital’s cumulative tally stood at 28,420, while the number of sick patients remained at 25.

The tally brought Tokyo’s cumulative total to 28,420.

From the age group, the highest number of infected cases were individuals in their 20s (69), trailed by 67 in their 30s, 42 in their 40s, and 31 in their 50s.

The total number of infected and sick people in Tokyo with severe symptoms is 25, unchanged from Wednesday, health officials said.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 699. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were  Saitama (57), Chiba (54), Kanagawa (79), Osaka (51), Okinawa (39), Hokkaido (30), Aichi (19), and Hyogo (14).

Three coronavirus-related deaths were reported.