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What Are the Dimensions of a Dart Board

There is a circle, which you will screw right on target at the rear of your board, in addition to wide U-molded sections that are in a bad way onto the divider or sponsorship surface.   The packs accompany two dainties, yet strong mounting pieces. The other choice that you can attempt when mounting your dartboard is a circle mount hanging unit.

Unfortunately, that will not do you much good when you start throwing darts at the regulation dart board. If you repeatedly throw darts at a board that is set up 10 feet away and at some approximate height, your brain and muscles will get trained and memorize the perfect position, speed and technique to always score.

As stated the measurement conversion are rounded from the imperial to metric. The above is the official board heights and accepted throwing distance, however, some leagues may vary so please check your local league setup and rules.

The bullseye or inner bull is worth 50 points and is seen as the double for the outer bull. The outer bull is worth 25 points. All of these sections have significance to the game of that’s because they’re used to assign points. Like how to play darts the numbers 1 to 20 have doubles and trebles. This number stays the same for most dart games. The bullseye is the double for the outer bull of 25.

The height can also be measured as 68 inches, 1.73 meters or 173 centimetres. Setup the dartboard height to measure 5 Feet 8 Inches from the centre of the dartboard (the centre of the bull) to the ground.

Now, the height of the dartboard we’ve just discussed is for an average adult standing. What will happen if someone is seated in a wheelchair? Now, according to Russ Strobel, the game of darts needed to be more user-friendly to disabled players as well. In this regard, Russ presented a recommendation to the Australian Dart’s Board for a dartboard height that would be suitable for players seated on wheelchairs.

The AMOA National Dart Association (NDA) is the sanctioning body of viper 797 electronic dartboard darting dedicated to the standardization, recognition, promotion, and growth of competition worldwide. Memberships are processed without regard to race, color, religion, ethnic origin or age.

Presently, there are no specific soft board measurements for wheelchair users, so the above wheelchair measurements are applicable for both bristle and electronic dartboard use. As stated earlier, most of the deviations in dartboard setup are attributed to the board itself. However, the only exception to this is the setup for players using a wheelchair.